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 Article/use question : GRID, Michel Hanna, March 10, 2004
     Re:Article/use question : GRID, Jeffrey Jangli, March 11, 2004

Subject: Re:Article/use question : GRID From: Jeffrey Jangli Date: March 11, 2004

This notation is just a nice way for shortening your code.
I think it's called the trinary operator

It could have also been written as:

var r;
if (p0.length) r=p0.length;
else r=p0;

(note the 0 is a zero not the alphabetical letter o)


From: Michel Hanna
Sent: March 11, 2004
Subject: Re:Article/use question : GRID

Question about the following part of the code used in the "Grid" widget.

function WebFXGrid(p0, p1, bUnescapeData) {
r = (p0.length)?p0.length:p0;
c = (p0.length && p0[0].length)?p0[0].length:p1;
.id = webFXGridHandler.getId();
webFXGridHandler.all[this.id] = this;

The Red part of the code does what? I tried to test it, but am not able to get anything besides and error back. 

Seeing that the demo.asp page for this script is sending in 4 actual variables to the function... How is that working properly? And why would I be getting an error of "0.Length is Null or not an object"


Thanks Erik, or whomever response to this question!


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