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 Simple JS question, Guillermo, March 10, 2004
     Re:Simple JS question, iDRiS, March 10, 2004
         Re:Simple JS question, Guillermo, March 11, 2004

Subject: Simple JS question From: Guillermo Date: March 10, 2004

I'm using this simple js function:

function link(whereTo) {

and then:

<div onclick="link('my_page.html');">Click me!</div>

Now, it seems that the location.replace does not behave like a regular link, because when I click the "Back" button in my browser, it doesn't go back to the previuos page, it goes to the first available page in the browser's history, wich is not always the one with the div.

What should I use in order to this to work properly and cross-browser (right now, it only works in ie).


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