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 DHTML Menu 4.16, Erik Arvidsson, September 24, 2002
     Re:DHTML Menu 4.16, Richard Person, October 19, 2002

Subject: Re:DHTML Menu 4.16 From: Richard Person Date: October 19, 2002


I've got v4.16.  I'm running WinME and IE v5.5SP2.  Is my system "weird"?

I've read every post relating to that sizing problem where the menus have that blank area at the bottom.

I set my cache to 'Never' and tried that debug code you provided (that I'm not even sure was for this particular problem).

Nothing makes a difference.  The menus all still have that blank tail.  I look at them and the first thing I think of is if I had a straight edge and a knife I could slice the tail off.

What is really the problem here?  I'm not a programmer.  I'm a user.  All I want to do is put it on a web page and fill in the data elements and use it.  It's a nice menu, works great, but that blank tail looks like crap.

Yours very confused,



From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: September 24, 2002
Subject: Re:DHTML Menu 4.16

A minor change to fix some size errors that some people have been seeing. I hope this solves the remaining issues but I wouldn't doubt some weird systems still experience troubles. If this does or does not fix the problem, please let me know.



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