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 Scroll bug, Superman2001, September 10, 2002
     Re:Scroll bug, Erik Arvidsson, September 12, 2002

Subject: Re:Scroll bug From: Erik Arvidsson Date: September 12, 2002

This has nothing to do with DHTML Menu 4. The demo pages here at WebFX have disabled the scrollbars but we never intended people to copy the demos without realizing this.

Remove all text from the style block in the demos and remove all text in script blocks from the demo page. Don't just reuse code that isn't needed for your case.


From: Superman2001
Sent: September 10, 2002
Subject: Re:Scroll bug


Is it normal that I can't scroll a page containing the DHTML Menu 4 ? It's quite annoying for visitors.

See you,



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