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 XMenu - z-index control?, Sebastian, September 6, 2002
     Re:XMenu - z-index control?, Erik Arvidsson, September 6, 2002

Subject: XMenu - z-index control? From: Sebastian Date: September 6, 2002

I've downloaded the XMenu package, and have it working great. With one exeption.

i have a select box pretty close to the menu bar, so when i roll over the menu bar and bring up the submenu the select box instead of being behind the submenu is actually on top of the submenu.

There doesn't seem to be any problems with any other stuff such as text or images only the text box.

i noticed in the xmenu.css  you've set webfx-menu z-index property to 100;

i've tried setting the z-index property of the selectbox to either 1 or 101 but nothing seems to happen.

sorry for the long winded question, but any help here would be very much appreciated

by the way some really great stuff on the site guys


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