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 Reason for DHTML Menu 4 size bug, Erik Arvidsson, September 4, 2002

Subject: Reason for DHTML Menu 4 size bug From: Erik Arvidsson Date: September 4, 2002

I figured out another reason for the size error. The IE "Temporary Internet Files" (cache) settings can not be set to "Every visit to the page" because then the sizes will not work because the caching of the CSS file will not work and the sizes will be incorrect. All the cache options should work alright.

If this does not help I would like you who are having trouble with the menu to test one small thing for me.

In the method updateSizeCache add the following code (after d is defined.

/* debug testing */

var linkEl = d.getElementsByTagName("LINK")[0];

if ( linkEl.readyState != "complete" ) {

alert("Style sheet not ready... cache incorrect");


/* end debug testing */

This should only give an error if the CSS file is not correctly loaded at that time. I assume this can happen (especially if the menubar and the menus are using different css files) and if this happens it will definately lead to the sizes being incorrect.



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