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 getXHTML-Function, Stuck Mojo, August 16, 2002
     Re:getXHTML-Function , Kiwi, August 21, 2002
         Re:getXHTML-Function , Kiwi, August 22, 2002
     Re:getXHTML-Function, Erik Arvidsson, August 16, 2002
         Re:getXHTML-Function, Stuck Mojo, August 16, 2002

Subject: Re:getXHTML-Function From: Kiwi Date: August 22, 2002

heres something else wierd IE refuses to give the image hieght and width after a node referance has been passed from one function to another.


function test1(){

 var imgs = document.getElementByTagName('IMG')



function test2(els){

  alert(els[0].width)  // always returns 0



From: Kiwi
Sent: August 22, 2002
Subject: Re:getXHTML-Function

I've got another fix for this getAttribute returns the correct value for everything but class (as far as I can tell)


From: Stuck Mojo
Sent: August 17, 2002
Subject: Re:getXHTML-Function

Hi !!

I'm using an richtext-editor to modify my documents. I want it to be able for xhtml. So I find ur getXHTML-Functions. But if I put a border to an Image for example the border=0 Attrib will get to border="9". If I put border=1 it says border="25" or border=2 becomes border="41" ...hey whats up there? I've tried to debug it, but the wrong number is already in the String, before the nodeAttribute is reached. I'm using IE5.5

The same problem becomes on ur Demo-Page http://webfx.eae.net/dhtml/richedit/editor.html drag an image with border or border=0 (the border-Attribute must be in it) in it and then klick save...

I hope u had a solution?

Jan Slabon


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