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 Menu4.1 Bug, Jeffrey Palermo, August 14, 2002
     Re:Menu4.1 Bug, Erik Arvidsson, August 15, 2002
         Re:Menu4.1 Bug, Jeffrey Palermo, August 16, 2002
             Re:Menu4.1 Bug, Sebas, August 21, 2002
                 Re:Menu4.1 Bug, Bart Pelgrims, August 22, 2002

Subject: Menu4.1 Bug From: Jeffrey Palermo Date: August 14, 2002

I'm using IE 6,Win2000 Pro.

I have a menu bar that has 3 levels of nexted menus.  Sometimes the menus will display with extra height to them.  The menu will display and operate correctly, but the gray area extends below the bottom of the menu.  Has this problem already been addressed and fixed?  If so, what change to the code should I make?  Thank you in advance,



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