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 xTree docs incomplete?, Krzysztof Sobolewski, August 2, 2002
     Re:xTree docs incomplete?, Erik Arvidsson, August 2, 2002

Subject: Re:xTree docs incomplete? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: August 2, 2002

The API page just has not been updated to reflect the state of the code.

About the argument in the XLoadTree constructors: This is just something unfortunate and it happens a lot in JS since one often forgets that one needs to be able to create prototype objects to set up the prototype chain. Your solution to add and if statement is something that should be added to the official code.


From: Krzysztof Sobolewski
Sent: August 2, 2002
Subject: Re:xTree docs incomplete?

The docs for xTree says, that version 1.1 added ability to remove and add nodes dynamicaly, but the API part doesn't mention WebFXTree.remove() method. Is this because it causes lots of problems and is not really working? :) (at least it doesn't work for me...)

I had also problems with extending WebFXLoadTreeItem - in order to extend it, I need to specify a prototype. To specify a prototype I need to create an instance, but without XML source. The xLoadTree requires the argument with XML source and generates errors if you omit it. I "fixed" it by adding these two lines:

 if (!sXmlSrc)

to WebFXLoadTreeItem constructor just before if (this.open){...} and it works, but I'm not sure if that's good ;)

-Krzysztof Sobolewski


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