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 Q: about helplinks in explorer 6, kj, January 9, 2004
     Re:Q: about helplinks in explorer 6, Guilherme Blanco, January 15, 2004
     Re:Q: about helplinks in explorer 6, Erik Arvidsson, January 10, 2004

Subject: Q: about helplinks in explorer 6 From: kj Date: January 9, 2004


I use your script in a php knowledgebuilder. I Have a problem with dislaying the popup properly.

All works fine on Windows ME with explore 5.5. On my XP with 6 its not ok:

What happens?

The script changes a into > into the output script. And..this is only on my mavhine. Other machines that seems to have the same conf dont change the'.

So this has to do with some paches? I alredy installed a fresh copie of explorer, yes its still possile (pfff)


the output script:

 <a class="helpLink" href="?" onclick="showHelpTip(event, ><b>Javascript</b><br><br>A language embedded within HTML that is executed after a page of HTML is transferred to a users browser. Many search engines will ignore Java and JavaScript commands. For example javascript generated menus.',true); return false">Javascript</a>, </p>


 when outputing from php script with:

 <a class=\"helpLink\" href=\"?\" onclick=\"showHelpTip(event, '<b>" . $arrWords[$i]["word"] . "</b><br><br>" . $title . "'); return false\">" .  $arrWords[$i]["word"] . "</a>"</p></p>

           <a class="helpLink" href="?" onclick="showHelpTip(event, '<b>this</b> uitleg'); return false">this</a>



What do you think this is?


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