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 Interesting Problem, affects xloadtree, Mantra, March 4, 2004

Subject: Interesting Problem, affects xloadtree From: Mantra Date: March 4, 2004

For somereason a while back, though xtree worked on every other machine I tried it on, it refused to work on mine.

After talking to friends in MS tech support, they suggested making a new user on the machine in question, after we turned of all firewalls, rienstalled ie6 etc with no help.

new user, and it works fine again.

Recently someone using the site fine, had the same problem, and yet again, nothing seemed to clear it and it works for all machines, even with all firewalls etc off.

So some install/patch screws up the loading part of xloadtree.

If anyone has any ideas what could cause this, or has had a similiar problem please tell me.


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