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 xTree and ASP..., Guillermo, March 4, 2004
     Re:xTree and ASP... , globule, March 13, 2004
     Re:xTree and ASP... , Andy, March 10, 2004
     Re:xTree and ASP..., chsw1984, March 5, 2004

Subject: xTree and ASP... From: Guillermo Date: March 4, 2004

I was wondering if I could create a dynamic xTree using ASP within the .js file... is this possible? I want the tree to load items from a database.

My question is, will the server process the ASP within the .js file? I believe it would not, so how can I resolve this? I guess I *could* use xmlLoadTree, but then I would have to update the xml file everytime a new record is added to the database...


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