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 DatePicker BUG, Alex, April 8, 2002
     Re:DatePicker BUG, Erik Arvidsson, April 10, 2002
             Re:DatePicker BUG, Alex, July 23, 2002

Subject: Re:DatePicker BUG From: Alex Date: July 23, 2002

>>always set the date to the first, first!

That's called a workaround, not a bugfix!


From: Kiwi
Sent: June 17, 2002
Subject: Re:DatePicker BUG

Been there done that one :) always set the date to the first, first!

From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: April 11, 2002
Subject: Re:DatePicker BUG

I've fixed and updated the files. The reason for this was that when finding the months to show in the popup I just added one month and that resultet in September the 31st and that is treated as October the first in the JS date object.


From: Alex
Sent: April 8, 2002
Subject: Re:DatePicker BUG


Select the 31st of a 31-day month (e.g. August), then click on the month-label to display the month-picker dropdown.

It now only shows the months with 31 days, twice!

Perhaps this can be fixed in the next update?




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