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 XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox, Edierley Messias, January 30, 2002
     Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox, Ed MacDonald, July 12, 2002
         Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox, Ed MacDonald, July 13, 2002

Subject: Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox From: Ed MacDonald Date: July 13, 2002

Better yet... (it's late and I'm drinking so this may not make sense in the morning :)

The menus float nicely over DIVs in all supported browsers.  So rather than using frames for layout, use position:absolute DIVs.  There will be a little work required to get the DIVs sized and positioned properly, to have them respond to browser re-size events, to make them resizeable, etc. (maybe we need a xFakeFrames script) but then...

To change out content use XmlHttp.responseText from the xmlExtras lib to get the content from the server.  Then use myContentDiv.innerHTML= to set the content for the DIV-pretending-to-be-a-FRAME-because-Netscape-sucks-because-all-they-do-is-add-prettier-buttons-to-Mozilla-to-fool-lamerz-and-are-too-lazy-to-keep-up-with-the-current-rev... :p
See Articles.MozillaSpecific.innerHTML

As a finishing touch, add Articles.Widgets.xLoadTree to your left positioned frame, with a page script to handle changing out your right positioned "details" frame.  Then cut a check to WebFx for making all our lives easier :)

See you in the morning...


From: Ed MacDonald
Sent: July 11, 2002
Subject: Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox

You can do the frame thing with an iframe instead of a frame set.  In IE6 and Moz the menu items float over the iframe but it doesn't seem to work in NN6.2.  It might just be a z-index thing but I don't know yet.  I also need to work out how to manage the iframe size in Moz and NN.

For the combos, you could create a hideAllComboBoxs() script and call it when you show a menu.


From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: January 31, 2002
Subject: Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox

This is a bug/limitation in IE, Moz and Opera.


From: Edierley Messias
Sent: January 30, 2002
Subject: Re:XMenu and FRAMES and ComboBox


I have an webpage made with two horizontal frames, in the upper frame I put the XMenu, the bottom frame is the frame that changes when I click in one topic of the XMenu. The problem is that, when I click on the menu, the topics appears in front of the upper frame but BEHIND the bottom frame. This is an bug or I'm creating the html pages in a wrong way?

The same problem occurs in a single page with the XMenu at the top of the page, and a normal combobox under the XMenu, when I click on the XMenu, the topics goes behind the combobox.

Thank you for every body of the attention.



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