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 Comercial License fees, Ivan Krivobarski, March 2, 2004
     Re:Comercial License fees, Emil A Eklund, March 3, 2004

Subject: Re:Comercial License fees From: Emil A Eklund Date: March 3, 2004
Good day


Purchases of commercial licenses for WebFX components can be done either
using PayPal or money transfer (bank wire). As soon as the payment has been
received we
will send you an email confirming that you're licensed to use the purchased

For more information and the actual licenses see

The prices can be found at http://webfx.eae.net/price.txt



Hi Eric & Emil,
What would be the way to pay the comercial license fee for your controls (interested in the Tab Pane control)?
I tried to find the answer by looking on your site, but I couldn't find it there.

Thanks. Ivan Krivobarski Yardi Systems Inc.


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