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 XML Tree ┐BUG?, Jose Luis, June 25, 2002
     Re:XML Tree ┐BUG?, Erik Arvidsson, June 28, 2002
     Re:winmove.htc is buggy in an ActiveDesktop window , Erik Arvidsson, June 28, 2002

Subject: Re:XML Tree ┐BUG? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: June 28, 2002

I haven't seen that. Make sure your cache settings are correctly set.

What browser/os are you using?


From: Jose Luis
Sent: June 26, 2002
Subject: Re:XML Tree ┐BUG?


The XML Loading tree has a little bug (or call it a little "malfunction")

When you have a tree that has pre-charged sub trees, it has to download the node images for all the items on the tree (like the cache wasn't working).

┐Can this be considered a bug? ┐Is there a work-around?


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