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 License info for DHTML Menu 4, Darrin Broin, March 2, 2004
     Re:License info for DHTML Menu 4, Erik Arvidsson, March 2, 2004

Subject: License info for DHTML Menu 4 From: Darrin Broin Date: March 2, 2004
I am impressed with the quality and functionality of your "DHTML Menu 4" javascript menu.  We would like to incorporate this menu into an application running on our corporate intranet (which I assume you charge for).
Can you please send me your prices and terms for a commercial license (assuming that is the license we would need)?
Thank you so much,
Darrin Broin
Technical Analyst
Noridian Mutual / BCBSND
4510 13th Ave SW
Fargo, ND 58103  USA
(701) 282-1920


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