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 xtree - bug in target, vijayakumar, March 2, 2004
     Re:xtree - bug in target, Erik Arvidsson, March 4, 2004
     Re:xtree - bug in target, Emil A Eklund, March 2, 2004

Subject: xtree - bug in target From: vijayakumar Date: March 2, 2004

var tree = new WebFXTree('.');

var b = new WebFXTreeItem('Control room','02.html');
 b.target = "01";
 var a = new WebFXTreeItem('Control room1','03.html');
 a.target = "01";



In the above code, the 02.html file is displayed in a frame for the controlroom and controlroom1 items. If it is a bug or mistake in code.......

Help me



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