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 display a load-status, J E Pedersen, December 19, 2003
     Re:display a load-status, AlexB, December 19, 2003
         Re:display a load-status, j e pedersen, December 22, 2003

Subject: Re:display a load-status From: AlexB Date: December 19, 2003

Hi John,

I needed something similar, and got it to work fine. Did you put the onload='main();' in the body tag?

Or, you could output a small JS script at the end of the file, calling main():

<script language='javascript'>

Last option is to put the document.onload=main();event in your script.



From: J E Pedersen
Sent: December 19, 2003
Subject: Re:display a load-status

How do I do this (ie 5+ only necessary)

I want to give the user a message that the page is loading, and then remove it when it is loaded.

Thied something like this:
//on top of js-script
document.write("<div id=preload>Loading</div>")

function main(){
document.getElementById('preload').style.display = 'none';

body onload="main()"

but the onload-event was never fired when the div is drawn first.

This is asp, so any serverside solution is also appreciated.

Thied this on the server
response.write "<div id=preload>same div as above</div>"

instructions and parsing
stroutput = transformMyXmlStuff()
response.write strOutput
but it didn't work, because it isn't the transformXmlStuff that takes time but the response.write of the output - transferring the html from server to client over the internet.

I guess some out there is smarter than me, and have a solution where I can display a "Loading"-message first thing in the output, and then remove it onload()


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