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 UNDO and REDO, Logan, December 19, 2003

Subject: UNDO and REDO From: Logan Date: December 19, 2003

Can any one out there help me solve this stupid problem?  I can't seem to get the undo to work with a live update of the textarea length.  A sample code would look something like this:

function len(){
document.f.i.value="Length: "+document.f.t.value.length;
<body bgcolor='#C0C0C0'>
<form name=f>
<input type=text name=i value="Length: 0"><br>
<textarea name=t rows=20 cols=50 onkeydown='len()' onkeyup='len()'></textarea>

If any of you got a suggestion or an answer, please contact me.  I would really appreciate it.  My email is lo6in@hotmail.com.  Thank you...


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