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 Page foot, Ramon, December 15, 2003
     Re:Page foot, Ben Noblet, December 16, 2003
         Re:Page foot, Ramon, December 16, 2003
             Re:Page foot, Erik Arvidsson, December 22, 2003

Subject: Re:Page foot From: Ben Noblet Date: December 16, 2003

I would suggest you use CSS.  There are a whole lot of CSS directives you can use to influence page layout.

See http://www.w3.org/TR/css-print/




From: Ramon
Sent: December 15, 2003
Subject: Re:Page foot

I use to create my print reports using HTML and I have a problem with the footers. My idea is that an HTML table with some content always was at the bottom of the last page. The report is of a variable size, sometimes on page, other times ten pages. The table always has the same size.

I have been trying using "document.body.scrollHeight", calculating then  the number of pages and putting the table into a div positioned at #pages*size_page  but as the report grows this idea goes worst.

Does anybody have an idea to solve my problem?



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