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 XTree - cannot set target - Help Please, Quentin, December 12, 2003
     Re:XTree - cannot set target - Help Please, Guilherme Blanco, December 12, 2003

Subject: Re:XTree - cannot set target - Help Please From: Guilherme Blanco Date: December 12, 2003

You almost got the idea of target.

  var cms2_0 = new WebFXTreeItem('Information Services Dept [0]','i_pages.php?Cat=16&Web=1');
  cms2_0.target = 'ipages';

This is perfect! But this:

  cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Service Excellence [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=5&Web=1'));
  cms1_0.target = 'ipages';

Isn't right... should be this:

  cms1_0.add(tmp = new WebFXTreeItem('Service Excellence [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=5&Web=1')); 
  tmp.target = 'ipages';

Check that WebFXTreeItem returns you an object, and this object is the one that you have to define the target... =)

I hope this solves your problem.

Guilherme Blanco


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