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 XTree - cannot set target - Help Please, Quentin, December 12, 2003
     Re:XTree - cannot set target - Help Please, Guilherme Blanco, December 12, 2003

Subject: XTree - cannot set target - Help Please From: Quentin Date: December 12, 2003

I'm using Xtree to list categories and then show the resulting information in another frame. The problem however is that I cannot set the target on any nodes that are added - it just doesn't work.

Here is the code that I use:

<script> if (document.getElementById) { var tree = new WebFXTree('NZ Steel Intranet (Dev)'); tree.setBehavior('explorer'); tree.icon = 'images/i_web.gif'; tree.openIcon = 'images/i_web.gif'; 
var cms0_0 = new WebFXTreeItem('Main [0]','i_pages.php?Cat=1&Web=1'); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; tree.add(cms0_0); var cms0_1 = new WebFXTreeItem('Safety & Health [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=11&Web=1'); cms0_1.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(cms0_1); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Employee Benefits [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=12&Web=1')); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Environment [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=13&Web=1')); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Corporate Info [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=14&Web=1')); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Make Contact [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=15&Web=1')); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('NZ Steel News [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=18&Web=1')); cms0_0.target = 'ipages'; cms0_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Presidents Brief [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=20&Web=1')); var cms1_0 = new WebFXTreeItem('Corporate (Top) [0]','i_pages.php?Cat=10&Web=1'); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; tree.add(cms1_0); var cms1_1 = new WebFXTreeItem('HSE and Community [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=3&Web=1'); cms1_1.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(cms1_1); var cms1_2 = new WebFXTreeItem('[TEST] - 2nd LEVEL [2]','i_pages.php?Cat=21&Web=1'); cms1_2.target = 'ipages'; cms1_1.add(cms1_2); var cms1_3 = new WebFXTreeItem('[TEST] - 3RD LEVEL [3]','i_pages.php?Cat=22&Web=1'); cms1_3.target = 'ipages'; cms1_2.add(cms1_3); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Market Leadership [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=4&Web=1')); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Service Excellence [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=5&Web=1')); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Manufacturing Excellence [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=6&Web=1')); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('People and Performance [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=7&Web=1')); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Information and Knowledge [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=8&Web=1')); cms1_0.target = 'ipages'; cms1_0.add(new WebFXTreeItem('Corporate Governance [1]','i_pages.php?Cat=9&Web=1')); var cms2_0 = new WebFXTreeItem('Information Services Dept [0]','i_pages.php?Cat=16&Web=1'); cms2_0.target = 'ipages'; tree.add(cms2_0); var cms3_0 = new WebFXTreeItem('Article Tester [0]','i_pages.php?Cat=19&Web=1');
cms3_0.target = 'ipages'; tree.add(cms3_0);

document.write(tree); } </script>


Any ideas?





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