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 override text.value = "blah", Veder Smukey, December 9, 2003
     Re:override text.value = "blah", Brian R. James, December 10, 2003
         Re:override text.value = "blah", Veder Smukey, December 11, 2003
             Re:override text.value = , Erik Arvidsson, December 11, 2003

Subject: Re:override text.value = "blah" From: Brian R. James Date: December 10, 2003

Use the onpropertychange event to detect when value property on abc changes.

From: Veder Smukey
Sent: December 9, 2003
Subject: Re:override text.value = "blah"

<input type="text" id="abc"/>

// Later in a script I access it with:
var text = document.getElementById("abc");

I need to trigger some code when the text's value is
changed via text.value = "blah";  Is there a way to
override the "setter" method associated with text.value?
When text.value is set, onchange does not get triggered.

- Veder


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