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 Help with game API, Arthur M., December 3, 2003

Subject: Help with game API From: Arthur M. Date: December 3, 2003

I have a problem here with teh function that animate the char. When i change the between "player" and "playerok" its stop the other animate.  I want to make a function that could make multiple chars animate same time. I know its a bit of work, but please help. Code is a bit messy right now, I apologize for that.

Url for the game

Function that makes the char animate:

function moveObj(topx,topy,dirx)
 if (charcnt<22)

  //window.setTimeout("newobj(parserx,parsery)",15);  //15 new


  window.setTimeout("moveObj(parserx,parsery,dirtext)",15);  //15 new

  document.all[playerid].src=imgpath+'char.stand.' + dirtext + '.gif';

Arthur M.


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