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 Menu Hide Help!!!, Michael, October 27, 2003
     Re:Menu Hide Help!!!, John SorCrer, November 10, 2003
         Re:Menu Hide Help!!!, Michael, November 17, 2003

Subject: Re:Menu Hide Help!!! From: Michael Date: November 17, 2003

An example of a website that implements the script in the desirable way is here: http://games.bigpond.com/pc/game/ 

Can anyone work out from this, what special tricks are being used? :)

From: John SorCrer
Sent: November 10, 2003
Subject: Re:Menu Hide Help!!!

Great Menu's. I have the same problem. Anyone have a solution?


From: Michael
Sent: October 27, 2003
Subject: Re:Menu Hide Help!!!

Hi there,

I've created a menu using the Xmenu API and Im having problems getting the sub-menus to disappear.

When i browse through the sub-menus, and take my mouse off the menu (with the submenu being that last option touched), it remains expanded.

I've tried using the UseHover methods and MenuHideTime etc.. but they make the entire menu disappear when all I was is the submenu to retract.

Heard of this problem before? Know how to fix it?

Your advice would be greatly appreciated!


- Michael


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