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 PNG behaviour with background, Rahul, October 7, 2003
     Re:PNG behaviour with background, rickman, October 8, 2003
         Re:PNG behaviour with background, Erik Arvidsson, October 9, 2003
             Re:PNG behaviour with background, Jean Peterson, November 7, 2003

Subject: Re:PNG behaviour with background From: Jean Peterson Date: November 7, 2003
Can you please be more specific? If I use one of these types of background images will "PNG Behavior" automatically work? I wouldn't think so since a background-image specification doesn't include an img tag. So how can I make it work with a non-repeating background image? Thanks.

Jean Peterson

>It cannot be done. One can get a stretched background image or a fixed at 0,0 non repeating background image.


Same problem for me

From: Rahul
Sent: October 7, 2003
Subject: Re:PNG behaviour with background

Hey, what happens if you have a png being used as a background image that you want the alpha channel fix to work on in IE? It's not working obviously since there's no img tag to apply the style to, and applying it to the a tag on which the background-image is set doesn't work. Since I don't know the dependencies of the behaviour, I can't fix it myself..


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