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 XLoadTreeItem.open(), GAMMAH, October 28, 2003
     Re:XLoadTreeItem.open(), adam, November 3, 2003

Subject: Re:XLoadTreeItem.open() From: adam Date: November 3, 2003

You can access any javascript node in the tree (and its corresponding HTML element via document.getElementById(node.id) method) using the tree.childNodes[] array.  and methods like expand(), getFirst() etc. Check the api for details.



Sent: October 28, 2003
Subject: Re:XLoadTreeItem.open()

I have an XLoadTree whose child nodes are all added using dynamically-created XML [via a database-connected php script].

My root node is created using new WebFXLoadTree() to get its XML from that php script. Each child node is also created from dynamically generated xml. Since there isn't a javascript variable reference for any node except the root node, how can I open the tree to an arbitrary node? Is this possible?


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