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 xTree, IIS, Tomcat Sessions Dropping, Steve Ton, October 23, 2003
     Re:xTree, IIS, Tomcat Sessions Dropping, M Schopman, October 25, 2003
         Re:xTree, IIS, Tomcat Sessions Dropping, Paul Berry, December 17, 2003

Subject: xTree, IIS, Tomcat Sessions Dropping From: Steve Ton Date: October 23, 2003


I am using the xTree in my application, which consists of IIS web server using the Jakarta redirector to communicate with Apache Tomcat to serve up JSPs and servlets.  The problem I am having is somehow it looks like the xTree is causing either IIS or the redirector to Tomcat to drop the current session.  My application constructs a tree on the server side (ie. the .js file) & sends it back to the user's browser.  The problem usually occurs with large & deep trees with many folders.  As the user is going thru the tree & expanding folders by clicking on the "+" sign, it appears that a GET REQUEST is sent to the IIS server for EACH click on the "+" sign to expand the folder.  I observed this by looking in the IIS logs as I clicked to expand each folder.  After approximately 17 or more clicks to expand folders, I then click on a file node to display the document.  This is when I receive an error of the session no longer existing.  I have the typical frame setup with the tree on the left frame & the main display window on the right frame for displaying documents. 

Questions :

1.  Why does the xTree send a GET REQUEST to the web server for EACH click to the "+" sign to expand the folder?  I thought the whole purpose of the tree was NOT to make a round trip to the server by doing all the work on the client browser when navigating the tree.

2.  If the xTree is indeed making a GET REQUEST to the web server for EACH click to expand the folder, is there some sort of configuration parameter to turn this off so that it is not making a request for every click?

3.  Anyone know of any tuning parameters for either IIS or the IIS redirector for Tomcat that can help solve this problem?

Thanks in advance,

Steve Ton



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