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 Menu4, PhatBoi, September 16, 2003
     Re:Menu4, Scott, October 20, 2003

Subject: Re:Menu4 From: Scott Date: October 20, 2003


I think we have the same question, not entirely sure if I understand your question in it's entirety though.  So here is my senerio. 

I have 5 top menu buttons.. 2 of which are drop down menu's, I need the remaining 3 NOT to be a drop down menu, and instead associate a link to those menu's top level buttons rather than having a link in the drop down menu.

I hope I didn't confuse anyone there :)



From: PhatBoi
Sent: September 16, 2003
Subject: Re:Menu4

I know this question has been asked about 10000 times, but I still havent found any answer.....
If I were to make the Menu4 a crossover with the menubutton script, how would I have to go about that ????

The senario is this:
There are 5 menu buttons.
3 of them are menu's and the 2 remaining is buttons that perform some script on the click event.
I saw some provious answers, but they were just a reference to the xmenu script...
I would like to implement this in the Menu4 script......

Any ideas ???? Anyone ????



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