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 Problems with mediopixel chromeless, Nomado, October 19, 2003
     Re:Problems with mediopixel chromeless, Erik Arvidsson, October 20, 2003

Subject: Re:Problems with mediopixel chromeless From: Erik Arvidsson Date: October 20, 2003
It is really not a good idea to use a popup for a window since it popups are closed as soon as the lose focus.


Hi, I'm making a whole website inside a chromeless window (using mediopixel chromeless from www.chromeless.org) and I had some problems that are really annoying me.
I post that on chromeless.org forum but nobody aswered me, hope somebody here help me.
"Hi, I've been using mediopixel chromeless for some time but there are some bugs that are really annoying me.
The first one is the 'always-on-top' window.. is there any way to make the chromeless open as a regular window?
The second one is the conflict with many javascripts..I'm doing a whole website inside the chromeless but some javascripts like the history.go(-1) and the 'Add to favorites' one doesn't work :/
The third one is the non possibility of adding attributes to the image tag on the image in the titlebar..I've tried to add it inside the .js code but it didn't work
Can anyone help me with some of these problems?"
If you want to see the website, it is in their beta form..but it's already on the air.. www.lol.raposaweb.com.br click in LoL and you'll see the chromeless.


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