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 IE 5.0 Bug ?, Anders Both, October 12, 2003
     Re:IE 5.0 Bug ?, Erik Arvidsson, October 14, 2003
         Re:IE 5.0 Bug ?, Anders Both, October 15, 2003

Subject: Re:IE 5.0 Bug ? From: Erik Arvidsson Date: October 14, 2003
IE5.0 has been discontinued by MS. Maybe you should take the time to upgrade?

(Works fine in Mozilla 1.5b, Opera 7 and IE6.)


I want to use overflow:auto in some table cells, as the overflow:auto property is not avaliable for <td>, i put a div inside the <tD>.
But this solutions does not work for IE 5.0. When i refill the div using the innerHTML, the new content is not updated.
See this page for eksample: www.both.dk/anders/table.htm
Does anyone know of a solution for this problem ?


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