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 XTREE suggestions, Robin Mattern, October 10, 2003
     Re:XTREE suggestions, Erik Arvidsson, October 12, 2003

Subject: Re:XTREE suggestions From: Erik Arvidsson Date: October 12, 2003
A few good points and a few not so good (IMHO).

id is a read/write property in v2 and the id attribute in the cml element maps this.

The idea to use a parent id is pretty bad. Just because dbs have issues with trees does not mean we should impose the same limitation on the XML format or the tree. The problem needs to be solved where it is raised. When getting the structure out of the db.

The webFXTreeHandler has a method called getNodeById.

Using XmlDocument load might be better since the posting feauture of the XmlHttp is really not needed anyway.



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