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 ComboBox - only last one shows when multiple ComboBoxes in page, Chris, October 11, 2003

Subject: ComboBox - only last one shows when multiple ComboBoxes in page From: Chris Date: October 11, 2003

This is a very useful tool for me but I have a problem where only the last of two Combo boxes appears, not both. I have tried using the container Id second argument - no change in result though. I need help from the experts.

here is part of my code ...

<script src="ComboBox.js"></script>
<p id="cella">

var dm=new ComboBox("dm",document.getElementById("cella"))

       new ComboBoxItem("barge",1),
       new ComboBoxItem("benluc",2),
       new ComboBoxItem("benlieeeeck",3),
       new ComboBoxItem("taco",4)

// generate 1000 more to test performance
for (var i = 0; i < 100; i++ )
 dm.add(new ComboBoxItem(String(i)));

<p id="cellb">

var dx=new ComboBox("dx",document.getElementById("cellb"))

       new ComboBoxItem("xbarge",1),
       new ComboBoxItem("xbenluc",2),
       new ComboBoxItem("xbenlieeeeck",3),
       new ComboBoxItem("xtaco",4)



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