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 XTree 1.17, Douglas Drury, October 3, 2003
     Re:XTree 1.17, Erik Arvidsson, October 3, 2003

Subject: XTree 1.17 From: Douglas Drury Date: October 3, 2003

I am trying to use the "target" method in 1.17. I have downloaded the newest code.

All I see in the usage/help docs is this...

WebFXTreeItem([text], [action], [parent], [icon], [openIcon])

what is the new code for target? It should be something like this?

new WebFXTreeItem([text], [action], [parent], [icon], [openIcon],[target])

I don't see any documentation on the how to use the target functionality added in 1.17.

Thanks for any help!


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