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 Events are not working on WebFX menu, ather, September 29, 2003

Subject: Events are not working on WebFX menu From: ather Date: September 29, 2003

Hi WebFX Board:

                            i have downloaded ur HTML Menu creation API.

In your example , you have wrttien the script in the page where you were creating the HTML menu. where you included the Java Script file related to menu. it is working fine.

what i have done is  i have a created a JS Class file. when page is loaded, i call a function on the body load of the html page  

function bodyLoad(){

    oMyClassObject = new MyClassObject()



function create a object of my class and all the menu creation script is written in the start function of my class.

but menu Bar events are not working . tell me where i'm wrong in using the API, or what modification i should do to achieve this thing.

looking for ur reply.

Take care and Bye.



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