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 XML Extras POSTing, Jeffrey Jangli, September 27, 2003
     Re:XML Extras POSTing, Erik Arvidsson, September 28, 2003

Subject: XML Extras POSTing From: Jeffrey Jangli Date: September 27, 2003

Hello Eric,

On the usage page of your XML Extras page you wrote this:

The open method takes three arguments and the first one is either "GET" or "PUT".


Since i'm also posting- and retrieving xml data at the same time, I have to use "POST"

as the parameter; this works perfectly!


However... what's the real deal, should I make a seperate function to handle POST stuff or can I get away safely with using the POST as a parameter?

I've tested this on Win XP with both IE 6 and Mozilla RC 1.5, no problems at all.


Jeffrey Jangli


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