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 Grid and זרו, Jan Agermose, September 23, 2003
     Re:Grid and זרו, Erik Arvidsson, September 23, 2003
         Re:Grid and זרו, Emil A Eklund, September 25, 2003
         Re:Grid and זרו, Jan Agermose, September 24, 2003

Subject: Re:Grid and זרו From: Emil A Eklund Date: September 25, 2003
It's using escape, therefor the server should use an unescape function. Most CGI toolkits should provide one, and if it doesn't it's fairly easy to make one yourself.

escape is used over encodeURIComponent since unencode is supported in far more implementations than decodeURIComponent, thus make it more practical.

escape converts western chars to a percent signed followed by two hexadecimal digits. Unicode chars are converted to a percent sign followed by a lowercase u and four hexadecimal digits.


Is peek using escape or encodeURIComponent? It should really use encodeURIComponent. If the components are correctly encoded then the ASP.NET should correclty decode the encoded characters back to the Danish ones.



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