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 NN 6.x, Burhan Khalid, March 7, 2002
     Re:NN 6.x, Erik Arvidsson, March 10, 2002

Subject: Re:NN 6.x From: Erik Arvidsson Date: March 10, 2002

The reason that the menus are not positioned correctly in NN6 is that NN6 is based on Mozilla 0.9.4 and that one had some serious bugs. I updated the xmenu.js to set auto positioning to false in case of a Netscape 6.

I downloaded NN6 to verify that it worked and chose custom installation and I only installed the browser. After an uninstall I noticed that AOL had poluted my system. This reminds me why I never liked Netscape and A-O-Hell.

Netscape Navigator 6 is a TROJAN for AOL. Do not install it!


From: Burhan Khalid
Sent: March 8, 2002
Subject: Re:NN 6.x

I hope you guys know this, but your menu doesn't work as intended in NN6. I thought it was my tweaking of it, but when I loaded your own site on NN6, it blows up. The submenu's appear on the bottom right hand of the screen.

In addition, it doesn't work in NN4.x, which should be no surprise considering that version of NN is not standards compliant.

Do you guys have a fix?




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