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 Grid and זרו, Jan Agermose, September 23, 2003
     Re:Grid and זרו, Erik Arvidsson, September 23, 2003
         Re:Grid and זרו, Emil A Eklund, September 25, 2003
         Re:Grid and זרו, Jan Agermose, September 24, 2003

Subject: Grid and זרו From: Jan Agermose Date: September 23, 2003

Im coding the server part in C# - don't really know where the problem is.

If I enter data containing the danish letters זרו and submit the changes using the peek method of grid the danish letters are converted to a string like


The letters זרו are transformed into %E6%F8%E5%

The line above is logged as a result of getting Request.RawUri - but since I don't want to parse the request parameteres my self I use Request.Params or Request.QueryString to get the values returned. But using Params or QueryString the זרו/%E6%F8%E5% simply get thrown away?

Does anyone know an solution? Can I force the Grid to do something else than the translation into %E6%F8%E5%? Or is this the "work" of applying the javascript "escape" method to all grid information?

Jan Agermose



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