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 XLoadTree Dynamic XML in ColdFusion, Justin McMurray, September 19, 2003

Subject: XLoadTree Dynamic XML in ColdFusion From: Justin McMurray Date: September 19, 2003

I just figured out Dynamic XML for XLoadTree in ColdFusion.  Make sure you have absolutely no whitespace at the beginning of your Dynamic XML file.  If anyone is interested, here is an example ColdFusion file (called randomTree.cfm)  If the second (time) is odd, the third menu item is shown.  Item 2.2 can calls the file recursively too.

<cfcontent type="text/xml"><?xml version="1.0" ?>

   <tree text="Loaded Item 1" action="href://webfx.eae.net" />
   <tree text="Loaded Item 2">
      <tree text="Loaded Item 2.1" action="javascript:alert(2.1)" />
      <tree text="Load &quot;2.2 randomTree.cfm&quot;" src="randomTree.cfm" />
   <cfif (Second(Now()) mod 2) eq 1>
    <tree text="Loaded Item 3" />


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