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 Xtree-action-function, Mikael Ericsson, September 18, 2003
     Re:Xtree-action-function, Erik Arvidsson, September 19, 2003
         Re:Xtree-action-function, Mikael Ericsson, September 26, 2003

Subject: Xtree-action-function From: Mikael Ericsson Date: September 18, 2003

Is it possible to add a javascript function to the action property in WebFXTreeItem?

I can't make it work.

var foldery = new WebFXTreeItem('y','javascript:alert(2.1);')

Alerts 2.1, when clicked.

var foldery = new WebFXTreeItem('y','javascript:xyz();')

Generates an error when clicked, object not found.


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