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 Grid, dump/peek seperatorchar, Jan Agermose, September 12, 2003
     Re:Grid, dump/peek seperatorchar, Emil A Eklund, September 17, 2003

Subject: Re:Grid, dump/peek seperatorchar From: Emil A Eklund Date: September 17, 2003
dump and peek encloses all field values within single quotes and escapes the value, so any occurrences of comma within a field should not interfere with the separators.


Would it be possible to extend the grid with a method/property, that would define what char to use as a seperatorchar in dump/peek results?
The method might become:
WebFXGridRow.prototype._dump = function(b, bPeek) {
if ((this.cells[i]._changed) || (b)) { str += "'" + escape(this.cells[i].value) + "'"; changed++; }
if (!bPeek) { this.cells[i]._changed = false; }
if (i + 1 < this.cells.length) { str += SepChar; } // CHANGED!!
The reason: Comming from Denmark, float values are entered like 1,5 insted of 1.5 and this breaks the Grid implementation, I think. Often descriptiontext entered contains the ,-char and again, this breaks the dump/peek method:
Canon, EOS 500
Canon, EOS 1000
Canon, EOS 1500


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