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 Reload on rootNode?, Jimmy, September 8, 2003
     Re:Reload on rootNode? , Micha Schopman, September 13, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode? , Jimmy, September 16, 2003
     Re:Reload on rootNode?, Emil A Eklund, September 10, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode?, Erik Arvidsson, September 13, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode?, Jimmy, September 11, 2003

Subject: Re:Reload on rootNode? From: Jimmy Date: September 16, 2003

Hi Micha,


Thanks for the comment....so can I have that another XML tree widget that you use now ? I would be really thankful if I cna have that....

From: Micha Schopman
Sent: September 14, 2003
Subject: Re:Reload on rootNode?

Yeah, I used the xtree widget a while ago in a large project and made a custom function to do a reload on the rootnode, it has to be somewhere on this board because I posted it here. The problem lies in xtree.js when the last available childNode under the root is removed. Then the error is triggered.

I even looked for you in my Visual Sourcesafe projects, but could not find it anymore.

This is actually not the biggest problem you will face. The biggest problem will be that xtree uses webfxtreeitem and webfxloadtreeitem items. When you think you want to reload a node, with no childnodes beneath it, you will get an error because it is not a webfxloadtreeitem. When you add a src to the definition of a node icm xloadtree it will become a webfxloadtreeitem, and if you do not specify a src, it will become a webfxtreeitem.

You can also specify nodes with no childnodes as a node with a src, but this will mean you always get + icons in front of it, despite the fact they are empty.

Also the xtree widget is not meant to be used in applications with popups, iframes, frames, etc. because it causes multiple nodes to be selected alot. For example, select a node, open a popup, and select another node. 2 nodes get focussed now. This also happens when you try to expand a treenode, and after that select a childnode of it by code. The parent and the child both get focussed.

Despite the fact it is a nice piece of dhtml, I also had a lot of difficulties with the tree to hang, the browsers, becoming inresponsive. There are some mysteries about this, but it has to do something with a bug in the implementation of insertAdjacentHTML in MSIE, all versions available with this implementation. When you do a reload or simply load a list of nodes, the insertAdjacentHTML function adds all indents, and icons as images. For some reason, MSIE does not get the images out of cache but allways invokes a call to the webserver. A certain .dll in windows gets overflowed with requests, and boom, your browser becomes unresponsive whatsoever, and after a while you get the message a timeout has occured.

I have now switched to another tree widget, which performs a translation of xml data icm a xsl file, and indenting is done be using margin-left:20px; instead of icons. This one does not hang.

From: Jimmy
Sent: September 8, 2003
Subject: Re:Reload on rootNode?

hi, I just wanted to know if this problem was ever solved?

var tree = new WebFXLoadTree("Tree", "xloadtree/tree.xml");

This code doesnt seem to work ....Any Ideas?


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