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 png issue, katie miranda, September 14, 2003
     Re:png issue, Erik Arvidsson, September 14, 2003
         Re:png issue, katie miranda, September 14, 2003

Subject: png issue From: katie miranda Date: September 14, 2003

Hi, I downloaded the png workaround and it almost works. Before anyone flames me for asking a stupid question I would like to admit that I am not a coder at all, I am a painter trying to put my portfolio on the web and I don't know the first thing about coding other than basic html.

So, my problem is that I have a png image as a rollover button and in IE there is a box over it with an X in the upper left corner like a broken image icon. Also, the image flickers when I mouseover it. Does anyone know how to fix this ? Here is the page: http://theopticnerve.com/pngtest/maintest.html. Please answer in retard/artist terms, not coder terms. :D

Again, sorry if this is a totally stupid question.. and thanks in advance for writing the script and looking at my problem.



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