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 Need help...with menus, karthik, September 4, 2003
     Re:Need help...with menus, Erik Arvidsson, September 5, 2003
         Re:Need help...with menus, karthik, September 12, 2003

Subject: Re:Need help...with menus From: karthik Date: September 12, 2003

Even if i save the webpage with related files...i have a problem when opening it...it doesnt display any menu...

can u please tell me how to do it...all i can do is that i can replace words in that menu...i am not a programmer...

please help at the earliest



From: Erik Arvidsson
Sent: September 5, 2003
Subject: Re:Need help...with menus

Just point your browser to it and save it.



I need the exact source code for the main homepage with those lists...is that free ? any ideas...can anybody send em ???


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