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 Reload on rootNode?, Jimmy, September 8, 2003
     Re:Reload on rootNode? , Micha Schopman, September 13, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode? , Jimmy, September 16, 2003
     Re:Reload on rootNode?, Emil A Eklund, September 10, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode?, Erik Arvidsson, September 13, 2003
         Re:Reload on rootNode?, Jimmy, September 11, 2003

Subject: Re:Reload on rootNode? From: Emil A Eklund Date: September 10, 2003
Good day

Since the root node cannot be dynamic (you can't have a tree without a root) theres no need to reload it. Therfor there is no reload method for the WebFXLoadTree class.

hi, I just wanted to know if this problem was ever solved?
var tree = new WebFXLoadTree("Tree", "xloadtree/tree.xml");
This code doesnt seem to work ....Any Ideas?


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