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 maintaining column sort, Brian Knorr, September 9, 2003
     Re:maintaining column sort, Emil A Eklund, September 10, 2003

Subject: Re:maintaining column sort From: Emil A Eklund Date: September 10, 2003
The sortable columns article demonstrates how clientside sorting can be achieved. To sort the page at load server based sorting would be preferred (a lot faster). However if client side soeting on load (reload) is desired some kinf od persistance could easily be added, see the persistance implementation in xTree and try to implement that, if you don't mind getting dirty, so to speak.


When we click a table column to do a sort, everything works great, but when we refresh the page, the column is no longer sorted. Are there any plans to add functionality to the sortable table component that would persist the sort state in the browser, so when you return to the page, the sort is maintained?


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