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 Don't understand something about XTree, Angela, September 9, 2003
     Re:Don't understand something about XTree, Emil A Eklund, September 10, 2003
         Re:Don't understand something about XTree, Sweet Angela, September 11, 2003

Subject: Re:Don't understand something about XTree From: Emil A Eklund Date: September 10, 2003
The action property is meant to be used for such purposes.
Simply set the action to the uri you wish to navigate to and the tree control will do the rest.

Hello, I don't understand something about XTree: I want that when I click on a leaf in Xtree, to have different HTML pages loaded in another div (or another frame). In was reading XTree pages but I did not understand how I capture the event that a leaf node was selected in tree.

TIA, Angela


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