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 XTree and ISO-8859-2, Adrian, February 13, 2002
     Re:XTree and ISO-8859-2, Erik Arvidsson, February 13, 2002

Subject: Re:XTree and ISO-8859-2 From: Erik Arvidsson Date: February 13, 2002

I thought MSIE55 used unicode for JScript strings. It seems to work fine in IE60 though.

I just tested this in IE55 and I'm sad to say that this must be a bug in IE55 :-(

Nice to hear that xTree works (partially at least) in Konqueror. I guess I should install KDE on my VirtualPC...


From: Adrian
Sent: Feburary 13, 2002
Subject: Re:XTree and ISO-8859-2

Hello, I'm using XTree to hold the chapter tree for the Bible in a digital library project at: http://www.scriptorium.ro/carti/biblia/biblia-cadre.html . XTree is truly, excellent software.

The Biblie is in Romanian so, an ISO-8859-2 must be specified as Content-Type in the <meta> tag to correctly show the special national characters.

I did so in the page which includes the JavaScript code, but, apparently, the special characters do not show correctly in the tree. The do show correctly on the text pages (please visit the link to see what happens).

It happens only under IE 5.5 . It does NOT happen under Mozilla or Konqueror on Linux.

Is this a bug in XTree or am I missing something?

Thank you,



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